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Round 11 Ceremony

The Round 11 Closing Ceremony will be held on Friday, October, 27 at 5 p.m. in the Bethlehem Chapel, City of Prague, Czech Republic. Graduate students of the Spacemaster Round 11 study program will receive their academical degree during this graduation event. The reception (banquet) for all participants will follow official ceremony program. See full programme of the day.

Formal or semi-formal dress code is required for all participants.

Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague (founded in 1707) is one of the biggest and oldest technical universities in Europe. It was founded on the initiative of Josef Christian Willenberg on the basis of a decree issued on January 18th, 1707 by Emperor Josef I.

CTU currently has eight faculties (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology) and about 21,000 students. For the 2017/18 academic year, CTU in Prague is offering its students 128 study programmes within the framework of which there are 453 fields of study. CTU educates modern specialists, scientists and managers with knowledge of foreign languages, who are dynamic, flexible and can adapt quickly to the requirements of the market.

In 2017, CTU occupied the following positions in the QS World University Rankings, which include more than 4400 world universities: Civil and Structural Engineering – 51st to 100th position; Mechanical Engineering – 151st to 200th position; Computer Science and Information Systems – 201st to 250th position; Electrical Engineering – 151st to 200th position; Mathematics – 251st to 300th position; Physics and Astronomy – 151st to 200th position; Natural Sciences – 220th position; Architecture – 101st to 150th position, and Engineering & Technology – 201st position.

More information about CTU


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

In 1960, the Department of Electrical Engineering became an independent faculty. Our 17 departments are located in two buildings: Dejvice (in the main CTU campus) and Karlovo namesti, both within the center of Prague.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) offers first-class education in the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications, automation, informatics and computer science and engineering. All our study programmes are closely linked to our research activities. The FEE alone ranks among the top 5 research institutions in the Czech Republic. We generate about 30% of the research output of the whole CTU.

We have extensive research collaboration with top universities and research institutions worldwide. We offer innovative solutions to our industrial partners, military and security institutions. We participate in space research programmes and work for governmental agencies.

The faculty offers the following study programmes taught in English:

  • Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering and Management (BSc and Ing.)
  • Communications, Multimedia and Electronics (BSc and Ing.)
  • Cybernetics and Robotics (BSc and Ing.)
  • Open Informatics (BSc and Ing.)
  • Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (Ing. only)
  • PhD programme divided into 16 branches of study

Our graduates find top jobs in industry, research institutions, and at universities in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Since 1950, FEE has awarded more than 30 000 diplomas which were always considered the benchmark of quality. For the future, we strive to become the leading center of research and innovation through our even more internationalized academic staff and student body.

More information about FEE